We have a modern and well equipped Cold Storage at Navda located on Indore - Dhar Road (7 KM away from Indore) named Maa Umiya Ice & Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.

It have capacity to store 15,000 Metric Tons (1,50,000 Quintal) including 5 chambers of different quantities for Seed, Wafers and Table Potato.

It is essential that Potato is not damaged during harvest and that they are kept clean. Potato should not be placed on the ground where they could pick up dirt. It is essential that the Potato is harvested at the correct harvesting time.

The best option is for the produce to be prepared for storage in the field and placed carefully in the storage containers used in the cold store. This considerably reduces the amount of handling and will keep damage to a minimum. It is essential that the produce is handled and placed in the store as quickly as possible as delays between harvesting and cooling can substantially reduce storage life.

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